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Harry Potter: Upon the Threshold
The Wizarding World Braces for World War
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19th-Sep-2005 10:50 pm - Here is another entry.
Chapter 2- The Great Feast
Post 13
Author: potterndresden
Characters: Taela Ridgeway, Headmaster Dippit, Archie MacGregor, Petra, and Christian.
Summary: Taela has a surprise conversation, hears a dreaded announcement, and thinks a lot.

Of sortings and balls.Collapse )
10th-Sep-2005 06:49 am(no subject)
Chapter 2 - The Great Feast
Post 12 : Thoughts From a Ravenclaw
Author : archie_mac
Characters : Headmaster Dippet, Prof. Dumbledore, Archie MacGregor, Petra, Loretta, Taela May.
Summary : Archie’s thoughts on the new students, his fellow Ravenclaws and the ball announcement.

The Great Feast and meeting Archie MacGregorCollapse )
Chapter 2—The Great Feast
Post 12: In Which We Meet a New Gryffindor
Author: sirgarrett
Characters: Headmaster Dippet, Professor Dumbledore, Petra, Other first years, Loretta, Desi and Verity
Summary: Petra is sorted into her house, as are the other first years.

In Which We Meet a New GryffindorCollapse )
30th-Aug-2005 12:42 am - Chapter 2 Post 11
Chapter 2—The Great Feast
Post 11
In which the Sorting Hat Delivers a Warning
Author: james_hobson
Characters: Headmaster Dippet, Professors Dumbledore and Slughorn, all the first-years
Summary: The Sorting Hat does its annual chant and the sorting begins

In which the Sorting Hat delivers a WarningCollapse )
28th-Aug-2005 11:11 pm - Chapter 2 Post 10
Chapter: 2-The Great Feast
Post 10
Title: In which Taela devises a plan, is envious, and wonders things.
Author: potterndreden
Characters: Talea Ridgeway, Loretta, Verity, Desi, Petra (she is discussed), James, Brix, and Christian
Summary: Taela shares a carriage with Loretta and friends, thus devising a plan that involves them. She also notices some suspicious activity and wonders who Petra is.

A Short Introduction to Talea May Ridgeway, the thinker.Collapse )
28th-Aug-2005 11:20 pm - Chapter 2 post 9
Chapter: 2 – The Great Feast
Post 9
In Which Petra is lost and found, Brix acts suspiciously, and Loretta saves everyone from certain doom.
Author: linesbyloretta
Characters: Loretta, Desi, Verity, James, Taela, Petra, Gwenith, Dippet, Brix, Fang, Christian, Nick
Summary: The girls disembark the train, Petra is petrified (but not with a curse), and everyone reconvenes at the feast. Brix disappears from the Great Hall, and there is much discussion as to what to do about it.

In which Petra is lost and found...Collapse )
Chapter: 1 – The Hogwarts Express
Post 8
Title: In Which Petra Meets Anya Jane
Author: sirgarrett
Characters: Desi, Loretta, Verity, Petra, Anya Jane
Summary: Petra leaves the company of her friends to find Christian and is instead found by Anya Jane. Anya Jane detains her long enough for the train to stop and Petra to get lost in the crowd of students.

In which Petra meets Anya JaneCollapse )
Gryffindor, Gryffindor - Done the Impossible
Chapter: 1 – The Hogwarts Express
Post 7
Title: In Which We Discuss Quidditch, German, and the Social Habits of British Muggles.
Author: anomilygrace, jennisis, james_hobson, sirgarrett
Characters: Desdemona Wraxton, Loretta Squab, James Hobson, Verity Thomas, Petra Weintraub
Characters: None acting
Summary: One boy manages to converse with four girls on the way to Hogwarts.

In Which We Discuss...Collapse )
Chapter 1 – The Hogwarts Express
Post 6
Title: In which we meet James Hobson
Author: James Hobson

Characters included: James Hobson, Verity Thomas, Desdemona Wraxton, Loretta Squab, Petra Weintraub, Richard Hobson, Minerva McGonagall, Stephen MacDougal

Summary: James Hobson boards the Hogwarts Express and catches up with the other characters
In which we meet James HobsonCollapse )
Gryffindor, Gryffindor - Done the Impossible
Chapter 1 -The Hogwarts' Express
Post 5
Title - In Which a Spy is Discovered
Author: anomilygrace
Characters included: Verity Thomas, Desdemona Wraxton, Loretta Squab, Petra Weintraub, Richard Thomas, Anya Jane, Rubella Leeks, Jacob Meyers, Dedin Borscaw

In Which a Spy is Discovered...Collapse )
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