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Harry Potter: Upon the Threshold
The Wizarding World Braces for World War
Chap 2 Post 12 - In Which We Meet a New Gryffindor 
30th-Aug-2005 11:38 pm
Chapter 2—The Great Feast
Post 12: In Which We Meet a New Gryffindor
Author: sirgarrett
Characters: Headmaster Dippet, Professor Dumbledore, Petra, Other first years, Loretta, Desi and Verity
Summary: Petra is sorted into her house, as are the other first years.

Everyone was looking at them, and Petra was sure many of them were staring at her personally. She was easily taller then every other student in the group the bearded professor had led forward. She was after all two years older then everyone else there.

The older wizard looked at his parchment and around at the students. “Boot, Reginald,” he called.

A dark haired boy, a bit taller then the other students waiting to be sorted, stepped forward and sat on the stool. Professor Dumbledore lowered the hat onto his head. A few moments later the rip opened again and shouted “Hufflepuff!”

Dumbledore lifted the hat from Reginald Boot’s head, and the boy scurried off to the table to join his house. The Hufflepuff table had erupted in applause as the first new student of the year joined them.

“Bailey, Anna”

This time a girl with tight blonde curls took a seat on the stool and helped Dumbledore fit the hat onto her head. Within a moment the hall exploded with noise again as Anna Bailey was the first to join the Ravenclaw table.

Carew, Angelica became the first Slytherin, while Chambers, Rebecca joined the Hufflepuff table. Slowly the group of students waiting to be sorted thinned.

Still glaring at Loretta, Verity caught a glimpse past her of Christian Peters. She leaned over to Desdemona and tapped her shoulder. “Is it me,” she asked, “or does Christian look as nervous as Petra?”

Desi followed Verity’s gaze across the table. Christian did look a touch pale, as he looked back and forth between the hat and Petra. Finally Desi shrugged. “He probably is concerned that Petra will not be sorted into Ravenclaw.”

“I don’t know,” Verity answered. But at this time Loretta turned and looked over her shoulder at them, still blushing from their earlier tumble. Not wanting to meet her eye, Verity turned to look back at “Riddle, Thomas” being sorted into Slytherin.

Soon enough only Petra stood alone at the front of the hall. She looked at the professor with the hat nervously. His eye seemed to twinkle as he smiled warmly at her. He turned to the students and spoke. “This is Petra Wientrab,” he gestured at her, “a student from Austria who will be joining us this year.” He looked over his shoulder at the head table. “It seems, Headmaster, that we have a growing reputation abroad. Perhaps we should place Miss Snvi in our employ as a promotions director.” The staff politely chuckled; Gwenith turned a scarlet red.

Dumbledore gestured for Petra to sit, and as she did, the hat was placed atop her head. A small voice sounded in her ear.
“Well, this is different,” it said slowly. “You are unlike the other students.”

“I am older,” Petra thought.

“Yes. Yes, you are,” the voice in her ear answered. “But let us get to the task of sorting you.”

“Ravenclaw, bitte, please, Ravenclaw,” she thought, focusing her mind as best she could.

“Ravenclaw you say?” The voice paused. “Oh I don’t think so. No, no.”

“Bitte, my friend is Ravenclaw,” she persisted in her mind.

The voice seemed firmer. “No, I think you seem much more suited for Slytherin.”

Petra let out an audible gasp and looked about. The entire hall was watching her. “Nien,” she thought. “Not Slytherin.”

“Why not?” the voice asked. “After all, you seem willing to go to great ends, to achieve a goal. You even lied to those who want to call you ‘friend’.”

“It was not like that,” she thought.

“True,” the voice conceded, “and I see more of courage in you then anything else. Few would travel the lanes you have, child, so I must place you in…”

The Gryfindor table roared with approval as the hat called its decision to the hall. The hat was removed, and shaking slightly, Petra moved to join her new housemates. She had just come to the table when she was nearly bowled over by Verity’s small frame enveloping her in a tight hug. As Verity finally let go, Desi also offered a welcoming embrace. Sitting next to them, Petra looked over her shoulder at Christian. He offered her a smile, and a reassuring nod. She nodded back and turned to the table. Hands were being offered, and names flew at her faster then she could remember. She began to smile genuinely. At least she was not a Slytherin.

The hall eventually fell quiet again as Headmaster Dippet stood up.

“I have one more announcement to make, but first let us eat.”

31st-Aug-2005 03:48 am (UTC)
Whoever goes next should probably include the announcement regarding the ball mentioned in the Comments community. Feel free to embelish it as you wish, but I think it should be similar to the Yule ball, 3rd year and older only.
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